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CfgStr Class Reference

String configurator entry class. More...

#include <Configurator.h>

Inheritance diagram for CfgStr:

Public Member Functions

 CfgStr (const std::string &a_key, CfgSecureLevel a_level, const std::string &a_defval)
 CfgStr (const std::string &a_key, CfgSecureLevel a_level, const std::string &a_defval, bool a_definconf)
char * value () const
void set (std::string a_newval)
virtual CfgType gettype (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CfgBase
 CfgBase (const std::string &a_key, CfgSecureLevel a_level)
 CfgBase (const std::string &a_key, CfgSecureLevel a_level, bool a_definedinconfig)
virtual ~CfgBase ()
std::string getkey ()
CfgSecureLevel getlevel (void)
void set_definedinconfig (bool flag)
bool get_definedinconfig () const
bool get_rangetest () const

Protected Attributes

std::string m_string
- Protected Attributes inherited from CfgBase
std::string m_key
CfgSecureLevel m_level
bool m_rangetest
bool m_definedinconfig {false}

Detailed Description

String configurator entry class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CfgStr() [1/2]

CfgStr::CfgStr ( const std::string &  a_key,
CfgSecureLevel  a_level,
const std::string &  a_defval 
219  :CfgBase( a_key, a_level )
220 {
221  m_string = a_defval;
222  g_cfg->Register( this, a_key );
223 }

References g_cfg, and m_string.

◆ CfgStr() [2/2]

CfgStr::CfgStr ( const std::string &  a_key,
CfgSecureLevel  a_level,
const std::string &  a_defval,
bool  a_definconf 
227  :CfgBase{ a_key, a_level, a_definconf }
228 {
229  m_string = a_defval;
230 }

Member Function Documentation

◆ gettype()

virtual CfgType CfgStr::gettype ( void  )

Reimplemented from CfgBase.

184 { return CFG_STRING; }

References CFG_STRING.

◆ set()

void CfgStr::set ( std::string  a_newval)
183 { m_string = std::move(a_newval); }

References m_string.

Referenced by CreatePopulationManager().

◆ value()

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_string

std::string CfgStr::m_string

Referenced by CfgStr(), set(), and value().

The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:
std::string m_string
Definition: Configurator.h:176
std::shared_ptr< Configurator > g_cfg
Definition: Configurator.cpp:56
Definition: Configurator.h:63
CfgBase(const std::string &a_key, CfgSecureLevel a_level)
Definition: Configurator.cpp:84
Base class for a configurator entry.
Definition: Configurator.h:79